Hardware Repair Policies

Limited Hardware Warranty

NI warrants against defects in materials and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date the hardware product is shipped to the customer. This limited warranty is void if the product's failure has resulted from accident, abuse, misapplication, modification, improper calibration by the customer, use of an improper hardware or software key, or unauthorized maintenance or repair. Hazards such as lightning, flood, exceeding voltage specifications, or customer abuse are not covered under warranty. For additional information, customers should consult the Terms and Conditions of Sale.

Repair Programs for Hardware Products

For an additional cost, repair programs are available at the time of purchase for most NI hardware products. These programs cover defects in materials and workmanship for additional years, as specified in the description of the service program. With respect to products covered by repair programs, if the original purchased product is no longer manufactured, NI will, at its discretion, offer a functionally equivalent replacement product. For additional information, customers should consult the NI Repair Programs Description.

Repair Coverage Transferability

Repair coverage may be transferred from one customer to another if appropriate documentation is produced. For hardware purchased for shared use, this documentation should be on the letterhead of the original purchasing entity or emailed from the entity's domain. For shared or private use, the letter must be from an individual with sufficient explicit or apparent authority to make said transfer. Full contact information such as name, physical address, email address, phone number, and fax number are required.

Return Material Authorization

The customer must obtain a return material authorization (RMA) number from NI before returning any products for repair. An RMA number must be issued even if the repair is covered by a repair program. Customers can obtain RMA numbers by contacting NI online or by phone at (866) ASK-MYNI or (866) 275-6964.

Repair Warranty

All repairs carry a 90-day warranty, which begins the day the repaired item is shipped back to the customer. The product will continue to be covered by any existing repair program or by the 90-day repair warranty, whichever is longer.

Standard Repair

The customer may return a hardware product for repair that is not covered by a repair program. A standard repair fee, specific to the product, is charged for any product that is repaired outside of the covered period.

Nonrepairable Hardware

NI contacts the customer for hardware covered under a repair program that cannot be repaired and offers an equivalent replacement product, if available. 


For hardware that is not covered under a repair program, NI offers customers the following options:

  1. The customer may upgrade to a newer, functionally equivalent product at the normal list price.
  2. NI can return the product to the customer. There is a nominal testing and handling fee for this option.
  3. The customer can request that NI appropriately dispose of the product at no charge.

Nondefective Hardware

The customer is notified if, after examining and testing a returned product, NI concludes that the product is not defective. The product is returned at the customer's expense, and the customer is charged a nominal examination and testing fee or the standard repair fee, whichever is less.