Data Acquisition With PXI

The NI PXI DAQ platform provides the highest performance in accuracy, synchronization, signal conditioning, and channel-count options. A widely adopted industry standard, the PXI hardware architecture defined using LabVIEW or other software tools offers the ideal modular solution to meet the needs of even the most challenging DAQ application.

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Sensor-Based I/O Modules

NI conditioned modules contain built-in signal conditioning to capture accurate and reliable sensor data.

Conditioned Modules

General-Purpose I/O Modules

NI multifunction DAQ modules provide analog input and output, digital input and output, and counter/timer circuitry.

Multifunction Modules

Digital Modules

Counter/Timer Modules

Chassis and Controllers

NI PXI chassis and controllers provide a variety of configurations to meet all DAQ applications.




NI software provides the ability to quickly locate, analyze, and report on measurement data.

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