TestScale Systems

Streamline test system development and deployment while minimizing floor space and replication cost with TestScale’s flexible design.

What Is TestScale?

Monitor showing TestStand software with TestScale backplanes and modules

TestScale is a modular instrumentation form factor optimized for electrical functional test applications. TestScale’s compact design can be mounted inside a test fixture as well as in a rack. Its modular design allows for customization and scaling to meet specific requirements. Close integration of NI and third-party software creates a quick and reliable development process.

Monitor showing TestStand software with TestScale backplanes and modules
Precise Sensor Measurements

Reliable Test Coverage

Quality I/O supports a range of calibrated measurements mapping to your test plan.

System Scalability

Cost Efficient

Its economical, modular design allows for customizability while reducing replication cost to scale production test capacity.

Compact, Rugged Design

Purpose Built

The form factor is designed to be deployed inside the test fixture removing the need for expensive cabling, mass interconnects, and rack space.

Develop or Don’t

Streamlined Test Development

Polished driver support in a variety of languages with test code is executable on most common operating systems.

Why Choose TestScale?

TestStand in-fixture backplane with modules

TestScale is optimized for electronics production test applications. Achieve test coverage while minimizing cost per station with affordable, reliable operation.

Best for

  • High-volume, distributed test lines 

  • Functional test 

  • Cost-sensitive system replication 

Close up of TestScale directly mounted into a fixture

TestScale System Components

In a TestScale system, a backplane is connected to your PC through USB and then populated with up to five measurement I/O or power modules and one required core module.






ni compactdaq chassis are designed for extreme environments

Built with your functional test needs in mind, TestScale offers an integrated-system simplified backplane that features USB connectivity and include five slots that can be used to mix and match I/O to fit various applications and one slot reserved for the required core module. Backplanes are offered in two variants to fit the deployment needs of any application, whether you require a rack-mount or in-fixture setup.


Technician in factory setting

From interactively capturing and exploring your data to programming a fully automated measurement system, seamless software integration lets you tailor tests to your needs. We designed TestScale to work with TestStand™, SystemLink™, and programming environments such as LabVIEW™ to help you meet development requirements and spend your time on what matters most. Since TestScale hardware also uses the powerful NI-DAQmx driver, you can program it with the language of your choice. The TestScale Soft Front Panel (SFP), a software add-on for InstrumentStudio, can help you configure and execute measurements.


Technician in factory setting

From the moment you unbox your hardware, through deployment and life-cycle maintenance, NI is here to help you get started quickly and operate efficiently.

Overcome your challenges with:

  • Repair Services 

  • Life-Cycle Services 

  • Configuration 

  • Calibration

TestScale’s small form factor allows us to design a board that provides PCB routing directly from the instrument to the DUT. This is a cost-effective and scalable design, ideal for high volume test.

Sean Casey

Test System Engineering Manager

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