Getting Started with SystemLink


Product Overview

SystemLink provides a collection of web-based applications and automation options for engineering teams tasked with systems management, test asset tracking, test results monitoring, and measurement data management. Visit the SystemLink home page on to learn more about product capabilities and benefits.  

Primary Technical Resources

The following resources are available to assist in the installation and configuration of SystemLink software, as well as development options for extensibility.

  • NI Package Manager Download: Install the NI Package Manager to help with installation. This desktop utility is available to manage NI software installations, including SystemLink, LabVIEW NXG, TestStand, and NI drivers. 
  • SystemLink Downloads: Visit the download pages to locate the SystemLink installers. The SystemLink installers will automatically use NI Package Manager to facilitate the install process.
  • Online Manuals: Reference this online documentation to install and configure SystemLink product components.  The manuals also include step-by-step instructions for using product features, such as software deployment, health monitoring, and data collection.
  • Support Forum:Visit the SystemLink Support Forum to post any issues that you experience with installation or product usage.  SystemLink support engineers and R&D teams monitor this forum.
  • Tutorial Videos: Visit our YouTube channel to view instructional videos that provide walk-throughs for getting started and working with SystemLink.
  • Licensing: Learn how to set up and configure SystemLink licensing through an approved volume license manager.
  • NI Package Management Portal: Find helpful content, tutorials, and tools for working with NI Packager Manager and packages. Specific resources include getting started tutorials, FAQ content, and LabVIEW APIs.

Supported Platforms

To learn about support platforms and system requirements, search for the ReadMe documentation associated with the product release you plan to install.


The NI Badge program helps you to accelerate learning and promote your accomplishments.  NI offers customers the opportunity to achieve SystemLink Badges in the following areas:

Installation and Set-up

Configuration and Deployment