Using SystemLink Server to Manage Systems and Data Course Overview

This course teaches you how to use the SystemLink server environment to manage test systems, deploy software, manage hardware assets, and collect and analyze test results.


Course Last Release Date or Version Number: 2022

Course Details:

Using SystemLink Server to Manage Systems and Data Course Outline


Exploring SystemLink Server​

Explore SystemLink Server, its components, and where it fits in various applications.
  • Exploring SystemLink Server
  • Navigating through SystemLink Server
  • Exploring SystemLink Benefits
Installing and Connecting SystemLink SoftwareLearn about setting up SystemLink Servers and Clients, as well as configuring user roles and permissions.
  • SystemLink Architecture
  • Installing and connecting servers and clients
  • Setting up user roles and permissions
Managing and Deploying SoftwareLearn about managing software deployments to one or more systems management by SystemLink.
  • Deploying and installing packages
  • Updating software from feeds
  • Comparing software on the system
  • Creating and using states
  • Preventing updates to the client

Managing Packages and Feeds​

Learn how to import and create software packages using different applications.
  • Creating and Deploying Packages​
  • Exploring Package Creation and Deployment Methods​
Ingesting Test DataLearn about getting your test data into SystemLink.
  • Publishing test results from TestStand
  • Publishing test results from LabVIEW
Viewing and Analyzing Test DataLearn about viewing, browsing, and analyzing compiled test data within SystemLink.
  • Configuring dashboards
  • Viewing detailed test result data
Running Data ReportsLearn about data reporting features in SystemLink and how to create custom reports.
  • Running reports on data
  • Creating custom reports
Managing AssetsLearn about configuring assets to be tracked in SystemLink and browsing asset data.
  • Asset tracking
  • Viewing and adding asset metadata
  • Locating and analyzing your assets
Asset CalibrationLearn about viewing, analyzing, and planning for calibration of tracked assets.
  • Tracking calibration
  • Monitoring calibration
Asset UtilizationLearn about tracking and analyzing the utilization of your assets.
  • Tracking utilization
  • Analyzing asset utilization

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