Students use LabVIEW and NI ELVIS to gain a deeper understanding of concepts through a hands-on approach to learning by integrating theory and prototyping.

The NI Academic Program


Find resources for teaching engineering.

Learn how to incorporate NI LabVIEW in your classroom and laboratory for teaching.

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Find resources for engineering research.

Explore how to use LabVIEW in scientific computing and experimental research applications.

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Find resources for learning engineering.

Discover how to use LabVIEW for your next class assignment and student design project.

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What's New

See the New NI myRIO

Check out the latest tool for student design and teaching controls, robotics, mechatronics, and embedded concepts.

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LabVIEW Video Instruction

Use this centralized e-learning experience to learn or teach LabVIEW in a modularized and digestible format

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Evaluate NI myDAQ

Purchase the NI myDAQ Instructor Examination Unit to evaluate hardware, software, and courseware for your class

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Find Courseware for Your Class and Lab

Browse hundreds of resources for homework problems, lab exercises, example programs, and tutorials

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