Teaching Circuits and Electronics

Analog, digital, and power electronics theory is foundational to engineering curriculum. Build improved understanding and projects with an approach that goes from theory to simulation to experimentation.

Rethinking Electronics Education

A project-based learning approach challenges students to think about how electronics operate and to build problem-solving and critical-thinking skills. Students can achieve a deeper understanding of circuitry and electronic devices faster with NI solutions to teaching electronics. Learn how Oklahoma State University helps students achieve a deeper understanding of the interaction between signals and components with a studio learning environment featuring industry standard tools. This has resulted in more engaged students who are better prepared for the needs of industry today.

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Labs for Teaching Circuits and Electronics

Explore circuit theory by getting hands-on with simulation and experimentation in these labs for the NI Educational Laboratory Virtual Instrumentation Suite (NI ELVIS) Engineering Lab Workstation.

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Give your team and your students access to the software they need when they need it. Offered in a variety of types and sizes, NI Academic Volume Licenses include the software, training, and services you need to accelerate discovery in and out of the classroom.