Renting NI Equipment

Gain access to the latest testing technology by renting equipment from Electro Rent, the authorized rental partner of NI in the U.S. and Canada.

Discover Rental Solutions

Let Electro Rent help you get your product to market faster by helping you make informed decisions and keeping your critical testing initiatives on track.


By renting, you can:


  • Conserve capital expenditures for other investments and eliminate ownership expenses

  • Try new equipment before investing

  • Respond quickly to peak demand or variations in test schedules​

  • Remain flexible, knowing you have the option to return, change, or upgrade at any time

NI Equipment Available through Electro Rent

PXI System Components

PXI offers a scalable way to meet your software and hardware timing, synchronization, and throughput requirements across all of your instruments. Electro Rent offers common module, chassis, and controller options.

Data Acquisition Products

Electro Rent offers a variety of NI DAQ products, ranging from plug-and-play devices for fixed and repeatable measurements, to scalable and flexible modular CompactDAQ or PXI components that you can use to acquire sensor data.

Application Software

NI application software makes it easy to perform a broad array of test and measurement tasks, with interactive tools and built-in IP. Electro Rent offers software licenses so you can get the software you need, but only when you want it.

About Electro Rent

Whether its 5G, Internet of Things, high-speed digital, A&D, RF and microwave, signal integrity, connected car, autonomous driving, electric vehicle, or other instruments and applications, Electro Rent can help you find the right product at a price that fits your testing and budget.