Wireless Machine Condition Monitoring with NI LabVIEW and Wi-Fi Data Acquisition


To optimize maintenance of machinery and therefore the machine’s reliability and utilization, monitoring health indicators such as mechanical vibration and power factor is a widely accepted practice.  However, the cost of cabling the sensor and data acquisition hardware to the control room has been an impediment to the use of monitoring for reliability and utilization improvements.  Now with the use of wireless vibration and power monitoring devices, reliability engineers are able to overcome historic cost barriers.  In this webcast, we describe National Instruments’ (NI) solution to wireless remote monitoring applications, especially machine vibration monitoring. NI is extending LabVIEW Express technologies and PC-based data acquisition to these applications with NI Wi-Fi data acquisition devices. We have leveraged our LabVIEW express technology and our NI C Series I/O modules to enable simple and secure wireless measurements.

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