Asset Health Monitoring Solutions Featuring NI Technology

View the case studies below to see how NI's open, platform-based technology has been used to create monitoring solutions for a variety of high-profile challenges and business requirements.

NI Customer Deployed Solutions

National Grid UK Prepares Today for the Grid of Tomorrow


Adopt a platform that can provide more measurements and adapt with the evolving grid for generations to come. 

Grid operators are finding that traditional measurement systems do not offer adequate coverage to handle these new challenges and manage the new risks the industry faces. Knowing it could not fix what it could not measure, National Grid UK adopted a platform, based on the CompactRIO system, that can provide more measurements and also adapt with the evolving grid for generations to come.

Remote Condition Monitoring Improves London Underground Track Circuits


Reduce development time and cost by using commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) tools, allow maintenance teams to proactively respond to potential failures, and give management a better insight into an asset life cycle.

Embedded FedEx System Suppresses Fires


Prevent catastrophic fires within freight aircraft and keep pilots, packages, and planes safe from fires that may start in the shipping containers.

China Steel Prevents Downtime With Condition Monitoring Diagnostics System


Remotely monitor the facility in real time, quickly convey large amounts of data to facility management, and immediately detect facility abnormities without creating a large number of false alarms.

System Monitors and Analyzes Oil Well Fracturing Pumps 


Design a pump monitoring system that monitors the operating parameters of a reciprocating pump used in well servicing applications with hardware and software designed to thrive in rugged environments.

CRRC Uses IoT Technologies to Bring Predictive Maintenance to High-Speed Rail


Build a predictive maintenance solution to increase usable train time while helping to ensure safety at 350 km/h.