NI Switch Mating Connectors for Custom Solutions or Cables


If you are trying to create a custom Switch cable, create a custom fixture or breakout, modify an existing cable, repair or replace the connector on your cable or printed circuit board (PCB), this document provides descriptions, part numbers, and vendor information to achieve these tasks.


Using this Switch Cable and Accessory Guide

This guide is intended to cover connectors and backshells designed for use with NI Switch devices. It does not explicitly cover other NI product families such as DAQ, HSDIO, C Series, or reconfigurable I/O (formerly R Series), although some models may use similar or the same parts. It also does not cover legacy or End of Life (EOL) parts or products.


Mating Connectors and Backshells with Part Numbers

The table below contains a list of the connectors referenced that are found on the most popular NI Switch products. This is not intended to be a complete nor comprehensive list of all NI Switch products. Similar cables and connectors may be used with other NI products, and are not included here.  Refer to the Glossary for any questions regarding connector terminology. .

See the table below or the product manual for your product for more information on what connector is featured on your device. Additionally, NI Dimensional Drawings contain drawings for many connectors and the devices, modules, cables and accessories they are used on.

Caution: You must install mating connectors according to local safety codes and standards and according to the specifications provided by the manufacturer. You are responsible for verifying the safety compliance of third-party connectors and their usage according to the relevant standard(s), including UL and CSA in North America and IEC and VDE in Europe.



  • In the following table connector pins are referred to as position formally, but may also be referred to as 8-pin, 37-pin, 62-pin, 68-pin, 78-pin, 96-pin, 100-pin, 160-pin, and 200-pin.
  • When using board mount connectors with NI cables, NI recommends mounting the connector to a panel, enclosure, or similar mechanical support to ensure proper strain relief.
Use this table to quickly identify connector part and part number of the board-mount, cable connectors and backshells used on NI Switch cables and accessories.
Switch ModelPart DescriptionNI Orderable Part NumberManufacturer Part Number
2515, 2535, 25360.8 mm VHDCI Board-Mount Connectors  
 68-Position Right Angle Single Stack PCB-Mount VHDCI (Receptacle)785633-01Honda HDRA-EC68LFDT2+
 68-Position Right Angle Dual Stack PCB-Mount VHDCI (Receptacle)785634-01Honda HDRA-E68W1LFDT1EA+
2515, 2535, 25360.8 mm VHDCI Cable Connectors  
 68-Position Offset IDC Cable Connector (Plug)N/AMolex 71425-3001
2501, 2503, 2533, 253468-Position 0.050 D-Type Board-Mount Connectors (SCSI)  
 68-Position Right Angle PCB-Mount Connector (Male)777600-01TE Connectivity 2-5174225-5
 68-Position Vertical PCB-Mount Connector (Male)777601-01TE Connectivity 2-5174339-5
2501, 2503, 2533, 253468-Position 0.050 D-Type Cable Connectors  
 68-Position IDC-Type Connector (Female)N/ATE Connectivity 5749699-7
 Backshell for 68-Position IDC-Type Connector (Female)N/ATE Connectivity 5749195-2
 NI 68-Position Kit including Solder-Cup Connector (Female) and Backshell, no Jackscrews776832-01N/A. NI kit contains the Honda solder-cup connector and backshell, below.
 68-Position Solder-Cup Connector (Female)N/AHonda PCS-E68FS+
 Backshell for 68-Position Solder-Cup Connector (Female), and JackscrewsN/AHonda PCS-E68LKAU2N
2810, 2811, 2812, 2813, 2814, 2815, 2816, 281796-Position 0.050 D-Type Cable Connectors (SCSI)  
 96-Position Straight  SCSI Connector (Receptacle)782720-01Custom
2529, 2527100-Position HDI Board-Mount Connectors  
 100-Position HDI Mating Front Panel Connector, Right-Angle (Female)779311-01TE Connectivity 5532903-2
 100-Position HDI Mating Front Panel Connector, Vertical (Female)N/AAMP 5533285-1
2576160-Position LFH Board-Mount Connectors  
 160-Position LFH Right Angle Receptacle (Female)N/AMolex 0051241041
2530B160-Position LFH Cable Connectors  
 160- Pin LFH Right Angle Plug (Male)N/AMolex 0051251040
2575, 2569, 2570, 2571, 2569200-Position LFH Cable Connectors  
 Plug Connector Subassembly for 200-Position LFH Mating ConnectorN/AMolex 71719-3000
 Pin Inserts for 200-Position LFH Mating Connector (4 required per module)N/AMolex 71715-4002
 Backshell for 200-Position LFH Mating ConnectorN/AJevons JDC200B-832
2737, 2738, 2739, 2524, 2525, 2526, 2833, 2834, 2520, 2521, 2522, 2523, 2510160-Position DIN Board-Mount Connectors  
 Connector Kit for 160-Pin DIN NI SwitchBlock (Female)1782720-02ERNI 284314
2737, 2738, 2739, 2524, 2525, 2526, 2520, 2521, 2522, 2523, 2510160-Position DIN Cable Connectors  
 160-Position DIN Right Angle Connector (Male)N/AERNI 384299
2512, 25148-Position D-Sub Board-Mount Connectors  
 8-position Right Angle Connector (Male)N/AITT Cannon DCMMP8H8PJ-K87
2512, 25148-Position D-Sub Cable Connectors  
 8-Position Connector Housing (Female)2N/AITT Cannon DCMM8W8SA197
 8-Position D-Sub Connector Cable Crimp for 8 AWG Wire2N/AITT Cannon DM130341
2564, 2720, 2722, 2725, 272737-Position D-Sub Cable Connectors  
 NI 37-Position Kit including Solder-Cup Connector (Female) and Backshell, no Jackscrews779184-01N/A
 Backshell for 37-Position Solder-Cup Connector (Female).  Is a 62-position backshell that also fits 37-position Solder-Cup connector.N/ATE Connectivity 5206478-4
 37-Position Solder-Cup Connector (Male), 5 AmpN/AL-com SD37P
 37-Position Solder-Cup Connector (Male), 3 AmpN/ASurplus Electronic Technology 010337-00002230
 37-Position Right Angle Plug (Male)N/AKYCON K22X-C37P-N
2566, 256862-Position D-Sub Board-Mount Connectors  
 62 Position D-Sub Connector (male)N/A 
 62-Position D-Sub Cable Connectors  
256662-Position D-Sub Backshell and Connector Kit (PXI-2566)778720-01E-TEC SHF-57A-S101-95/T0
256862-Position D-Sub Receptacle (Female)N/APOSITRONIC DD62F0000X/AA
256778-Position D-Sub Board-Mount Connectors  
 78-Position D-Sub Right Angle Connector (Male)N/AE-TEC SHM-078-F900-55/LJ
256778-Position D-Sub Cable Connectors  
 78-Position D-Sub (Female)N/AE-TEC SHF-078-S101-95/T0
 Combicon Board-Mount Connectors  
2565Mini-Combicon (Double Level) ConnectorN/APhoenix Contact 1967870
2584Combicon Connector and Backshell for PXI-2584779168-02N/A
2585, 2586GMCT20 Cable Connectors  
 Connector and Backshell for PXI-258X Switches779168-01N/A. Contains Positronic Connector, Backshell and Mating Pins below.
 GMCT20 Mating PinsN/APositronic FS116N2
 Connector and Backshell GMCT20 Custom ConnectorN/APositronic GMCT20F0E100JC
2542, 2543, 2544, 2545, 2546, 2547, 2548, 2549, 2594, 2595, 2596, 2597, 2598, 2599, 2796, 2797, 2798, 2799SMA Board-Mount Connectors  
 SMA Through Hole Jack ReceptacleN/AMolex 733910060
2554, 2555, 2556, 2557, 2558, 2559SMB Board-Mount Connectors  
 SMB Straight, Through Hole JackN/AAmphenol 142210
2540, 2541, 2593, 2746, 2647, 2748MCX Board-Mount Connectors  
 MCX Right Angle JackN/AHUBER-SUHNER 23023859

TB-2640B, TB-2641B,

TB-2642B, TB-2643B,

TB-2644B, TB-2645B,


Ribbon Cable Connectors  
 Row- 16 Conductor .05 pitchN/ASamtec FFSD-08-01-N
 Column- 34 Conductor .05 pitchN/ASamtec FFSD-17-01-N

1The Connector Kit for the 160-Pin DIN SwitchBlock includes a grounding bar to use when working with SwitchBlock modules. If using the Connector Kit with the 273x or 252x PXI modules the grounding bar does not need to be used.
2 To create a custom cable for the NI 2512 or 2514 both the Connector Housing and Cable Crimp must be used. If you are in need of a custom cable for the NI 2512 or 2514 NI recommends evaluating to see if the DB8F-Bare Wire cable meets your needs prior to building a new cable.   


Pin to Channel Mapping

Use the table below to find the pin to channel mapping for your switch model. Some switch models have multiple topologies and will have different pinouts. For those models, select the link and find your corresponding topology to get to the correct pin diagram.


Ordering Information

For more information on any of the listed NI orderable parts, please visit to contact an NI representative. NI orderable parts listed in this guide without a product page can still be purchased by contacting NI.

For parts with a manufacturer part number, please contact the manufacturer or their vendors for further information about the product and purchasing.  Manufacturer part numbers represent functionally equivalent replacements that are currently available from the specified manufacturer. This may differ from the part found on your device, module, cable or accessory as NI continuously revises and improves their products.

Some parts are custom made for NI or are common parts in industry, and do not have orderable part numbers. Please use the specifications provided to find an appropriate part.

Glossary of Terms Used

  • Backshell - Surrounds the male or female cable connector to protect the cable connections and to provide cable strain relief. Click here for an example.
  • Cable Connector - Found on the end of the cable, may connect to a device, another cable, or an accessory through a mating connector. Click here for an example.
  • DIN (Deutsches Institut für Normung) Connector-  Industry standard connector that is used on 100-pin and 160-pin Switches cable and accessory connections.
  • D-Sub (DSUB) - Industry standard D-shaped connector that is used on 8-pin, 37-pin, 62-pin, 78-pin  Switches cable and accessory connections. Click here for an example.
  • Dual Stack - Two combined connectors stacked onto each other on a PCB-mount connector. Each connector accepts its own cable. Click here for an example.
  • Insulation Displacement Connector (IDC) - Also known as insulation-piercing contact (IPC). A type of cable connector that allows multiple conductor connections to a connector without soldering. Click here for an example.
  • LFH- Industry standard Low-Force Helix connector that is used on 160-pin and 200-pin Switches cable and accessory connections. Click here for an example.
  • PCB-Mount Connector - Also known as board-mount connector. Found on printed circuit boards (PCB), printed wiring boards (PWB) and other custom interface boards, normally soldered on. Typically a cable connector plugs into the PCB-mount connector to provide connection to an accessory or other device. Click here for an example.
  • Ribbon Cable - A low-cost unshielded cable solution. Click here for an example.
  • SCSI 0.050 D-Type -  Industry standard SCSI connector standard featuring 0.050 pin spacing that is used in 68-pin Switches cable and accessory connections. Click here for an example.
  • Single Stack - A single connector end per cable or PCB-Mount interconnect. Click here for an example.
  • Solder-Cup Connector - Opposite of the mating surface, wires are attached to the connector by soldering individual wires into cups. Click here for an example.
  • Very-High-Density Cable Interconnect (VHDCI) - An improvement on the SCSI 68-pin connector featuring .8 mm pin spacing, allowing a smaller footprint and fewer bent pins during connection. Click here for an example.

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