Digital Instrument Custom Cables, Replacement Connectors, and Screws


If you are trying to create a custom High-Speed Digital I/O cable, create a custom fixture or breakout, modify an existing cable, repair or replace the connector on your cable or printed circuit board (PCB), or require replacement jackscrews or jacksocket fasteners, this document provides descriptions, part numbers, and vendor information to achieve these tasks.


Using this Digital Instrument Cable and Accessory Guide

This guide is intended to cover connectors, backshells, screws and washers designed for use with NI HSDIO devices. It does not explicitly cover other NI product families such as DAQ, Switches, C Series, or R Series, although some models may use similar or the same parts. It also does not cover legacy or End of Life (EOL) parts or products.

Mating Connectors and Backshells with Part Numbers

These connectors or receptors are found on most NI HSDIO devices. Refer to the Glossary for any questions regarding connector terminology. 

  • 0.050 - Pins on this D-Type connector are spaced 0.050 inches apart. This connector is found on NI 6533 and 6534 HSDIO devices.
  • 0.8 mm - Pins on this connector are spaced 0.8 mm apart. This connector is commonly found on NI 653x, 654x and 655x HSDIO devices.

Check out the Popular NI HSDIO Models and their Connectors section, or the product manual for your product for more information on what connector is featured on your device. Additionally, NI Dimensional Drawings contains drawings for many connectors and the devices, modules, cables and accessories they are used on.


  • When using board mount connectors with NI cables, NI recommends mounting the connector to a panel, enclosure, or similar mechanical support to ensure proper strain relief.
Identify the part and part number of the board-mount, cable connectors and backshells used on NI HSDIO cables and accessories.
Part DescriptionNI Orderable Part NumberManufacturer Part Number
0.8 mm VHDCI Board-Mount Connectors  
68-Position Right Angle Single Stack PCB-Mount VHDCI (Receptacle)785633-01Honda HDRA-EC68LFDT2+
68-Position Right Angle Dual Stack PCB-Mount VHDCI (Receptacle)785634-01Honda HDRA-E68W1LFDT1EA+
68-Position Vertical Single Stack PCB-Mount VHDCI (Receptacle)785753-01Honda HDRA-EC68FDT+
0.8 mm VHDCI Cable Connectors  
68-Position StraddleMount Cable Connector (Plug)N/AHonda HDRA-E68MT+
0.050 D-Type Board-Mount Connectors  
68-Position Right Angle Connector (Male)N/ATE Connectivity 5787169-7
0.050 D-Type Cable Connectors  
68-Position IDC-Type Connector (Female)N/ATE Connectivity 5749699-7
Backshell for 68-Position IDC-Type Connector (Female)N/ATE Connectivity 5749195-2
68-Position Inverted Connector (Female)N/AHonda PCS-E68RLMD1+
InfiniBand Board-Mount Connector  
Right-Angle InfiniBand Connector (Female)779157-01FUJITSU FCN-268D024-G/10-R
6-Position Mini-COMBICON Cable Connectors  
NI COMBICON Connector Kit including 6-Position Mini-COMBICON connector780557-01N/A
6-Position Mini-COMBICON ConnectorN/APhoenix Contact 1714964
6-Position Mini-COMBICON Backshell KitN/APhoenix Contact 1714993
Mini-SAS Board-Mount Connectors  
iPass+TM HD ConnectorN/AMolex 76866-1015
SFP+ Board-Mount Connectors  
0.80 mm Pitch SFP+ Host ConnectorN/AMolex 0744410010
SFP+ Connector CageN/AFCI 10122388-201LF
SMA Jack Board-Mount Connectors  
SMA Through Hole Jack ReceptacleN/AMolex 733910060
SMB Jack Board-Mount Connectors  
SMB Straight, Through Hole JackN/AAmphenol 142210

Jackscrews, Jacksockets, and Washers with Part Numbers

To provide a more secure cable attachment, NI now uses jackscrews to secure 68-pin cables to HSDIO devices and accessories. Each side of the cable connector contains two jackscrews that tighten into jacksockets located on all HSDIO devices and accessories. To make this conversion, use the Jacksocket Kit for Connecting Screw Latching Cables in the following table. Other replacement jackscrew, jacksocket, screwlock, thumbscrew and washer information is also provided.

Identify the part, part number, size and threading of the screws and washers used on NI HSDIO cables and accessories.
Part DescriptionNI Orderable Part NumberManufacturer Part Number
Latching Cable to Jackscrew Conversion Kit  
(1) 4 Piece Jacksocket Kit for Connecting Screw Latching Cables187949-01N/A
(10) 4 Piece Jacksocket Kits for Connecting Screw Latching Cables187949-10N/A
Replacement Screws and Washers  
68-Position SCSI-II Jackscrew, Molded Head, Overmold; 2-56 ThreadsN/ACustom
68-Position SCSI-II Jacksocket, M2.5 Screw, .348" Length, .148" Head Length187539-01Custom
68-Position VHDCI Connector Screwlock, Board Mount, Nylon PatchedN/ATE Connectivity 787004-3
100-Position SCSI-II Jackscrew, Molded Head, Overmold, 2-56 ThreadsN/ACustom
100-Position SCSI-II Jacksocket, 2-56 ThreadsN/AN/A
68 or 100-Position SCSI Connector Washers, M2.5, Flat, .030 Thick, SSN/AN/A

Ordering Information

You can order NI products by part number. For more information on any of the listed NI orderable parts, please contact an NI representative. NI orderable parts listed in this guide without a product page can still be purchased by contacting NI. 

For parts with a manufacturer part number, please contact the manufacturer or their vendors for further information about the product and purchasing.  Manufacturer part numbers represent functionally equivalent replacements that are currently available from the specified manufacturer. This may differ from the part found on your device, module, cable or accessory as NI continuously revises and improves their products.

Some parts are custom made for NI or are common parts in industry, and do not have orderable part numbers. Please use the specifications provided to find an appropriate part.

Connectors Found on Popular NI HSDIO Products

Below is a list of the connectors referenced in this guide that are found on the most popular NI HSDIO products. This is not intended to be a complete nor comprehensive list of all NI HSDIO products. Similar cables and connectors may be used with other NI products, and are not included here. You should first check your device's manual to ensure you are referencing the right connector for your device or module.

Note: These tables do not indicate compatibility between devices, modules, cables and accessories. Although they may share the same connector type, different wire mappings are used in different configurations.

Use this table to quickly identify connector types found on many NI HSDIO devices and modules.
Devices/ModulesConnector Types
PCI/PXI 6533, 6534

68-Position 0.050 D-Type Connectors


PXIe 6535, 6536, 6537, 6544, 6545, 6547, 6548, 6570, 657168-position 0.8mm VHDCI
PCIe 6535B, 6536B, 6537B, 6535, 6536, 653768-position 0.8mm VHDCI
PCI/PXI 6541, 654268-position 0.8mm VHDCI
PCI/PXI 6551, 6552

68-position 0.8mm VHDCI

SMB Jack Connectors

PXIe 6555, 6556

68-position 0.8mm VHDCI

6-Position Mini-COMBICON Connectors

SMA Jack Connectors

PCI/PXI 6561, 6562

InfiniBand Connector

SMA Jack Connectors

SMB Jack Connectors

PXIe 6591

68-position 0.8mm VHDCI

Mini-SAS Connectors

SMA Jack Connectors

PXIe 6592

SFP+ Connectors

SMB Jack Connectors

Use this table to quickly identify connector types found on many NI HSDIO cables.
CablesConnector Types




68-position 0.8mm VHDCI
SH68-68-D168-position 0.050 D-Type
SHB12X-B12XInfiniBand Connector

Mini-SAS HD Copper

Mini-SAS HD Fiber Optic

Mini-SAS Connectors

SFP+ Copper

SFP+ Fiber Optic Multimode

SRP+ Fiber Optic Single Mode

SFP+ Connectors


Use this table to quickly identify connector types found on many NI HSDIO terminal and connector blocks.
AccessoriesConnector Types






68-position 0.8mm VHDCI





68-position 0.050 D-Type
653X Cable Adapter

68-position 0.8mm VHDCI

68-position 0.050 D-Type

Glossary of Terms Used

  • SCSI 0.050 D‑Type - Industry standard SCSI connector standard featuring 0.050 pin spacing that is used in the 68-position HSDIO cable and accessory connections. Click here for an example (68-pin).
  • Backshell - Surrounds the male or female cable connector to protect the cable connections and to provide cable strain relief. Click here for an example.
  • Cable Connector - Found on the end of the cable, may connect to a device, another cable, or an accessory through a mating connector. Click here for an example.
  • Dual Stack - Two combined connectors stacked onto each other on a PCB-mount connector. Each connector accepts its own cable. Click here for an example.
  • Infiniband - High density differential connector. Each differential pair in this cable is separated by a grounding pin to prevent cross-talk. - Click here for an example.
  • Insulation Displacement Connector (IDC) - Also known as insulation-piercing contact (IPC). A type of cable connector that allows multiple conductor connections to a connector without soldering. Click here for an example.
  • Jackscrew - Usually found on the cable end. Torqued down to connect to either a PCB-mount connector or cable-end jacksocket. Click here for an example.
  • Jacksocket - Fixed mating connector receptacle for the jackscrew. Click here for an example.
  • PCB-Mount Connector - Also known as board-mount connector. Found on printed circuit boards (PCB), printed wiring boards (PWB) and other custom interface boards, normally soldered on. Typically a cable connector plugs into the PCB-mount connector to provide connection to an accessory or other device. Click here for an example.
  • Single Stack - A single connector end per cable or PCB-Mount interconnect. Click here for an example.
  • Solder-Cup Connector - Opposite of the mating surface, wires are attached to the connector by soldering individual wires into cups. Click here for an example.
  • Very-High-Density Cable Interconnect (VHDCI) - An improvement on a SCSI connector allowing a smaller footprint and fewer bent pins during connection. Click here for an example.

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