Electric Vehicle Battery Test

Build a Better Battery Lab

A battery validation engineer connects her test data from multiple sources using NI software

  • Test earlier in the design process with closed-loop simulated systems to accelerate schedules, increase test coverage, and improve battery quality and safety
  • Manage existing capital investments with third-party equipment integration for power electronics and test cell expansion
  • Meet new test requirements quickly with flexible system architectures to add measurement, data collection points, and equipment
  • Manage lab efficiency and optimize battery performance with software that manages and analyzes data
A battery validation engineer modifies his workflow using NI's Battery Test System


Validating Electric Vehicle Battery Modules and Packs

NI designed the Battery Test System (BTS) to enable you to stay ahead of requirement churn and quickly respond to test needs and consumer demands. The BTS helps you manage your lab more efficiently and move faster to meet schedules by increasing test coverage, improving battery safety, and reducing the total cost of test.

EV Battery Pack/Module Test

NI BTS System Architecture

The real-time controller on the measurement rack runs deterministic test sequences to control test cell components like cycler and chiller/heater to measure all battery module/pack characteristics.

Increase Agility

Respond quickly to rapidly changing test requirements and maintain pace with industry and technology advances.

Optimize Efficiency

Enhance equipment configuration, test monitoring, data collection, and results reporting with integrated enterprise-level system and data management options.

Reduce Test Development Time

Easily modify and upgrade your system with flexible software configurations with NI’s modular I/O approach. Leverage standardized cycler, chamber, and other interfaces with a hardware abstraction layer to rapidly switch out equipment.

Mitigate Risk

Reduce the risk of damage to high-end lab equipment while increasing safety by using seamlessly integrated third-party models to simulate tests with expensive assets.

Battery Test System Software in Action

View a demo of the Battery Test System Software. See how it optimizes workflows to request, configure, execute, and report on tests, plus how you can use SystemLink software to manage test and facility data from your battery validation lab.

We’re focused on moving the electric vehicle industry forward through advanced battery technology and unique partnerships. By partnering with NI, we turn our expertise into direct customer value by connecting across test to provide the insights that matter and differentiate.

Ben Wrightsman

Battery Innovation Center

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Whether you’re looking for turnkey test systems or getting-started assistance, NI Partners can help you meet your time-to-market goals quicker. NI's global partner ecosystem includes subject matter experts in electric vehicle battery test. With their years of experience, your company can reach Vision Zero faster.

An NI partner helps a team of engineers configure their battery test system according to their test requirements