Electric Vehicle Battery Test

Set Your Battery Lab Up for Success

Battery pack in the electric vehicle requires testing in validation labs

NI’s battery test solutions for cell, module, and pack help you to get started testing today with a scalable path forward with battery cycling hardware instrumentation, optimized data workflows, and enterprise-lab management software.

  • Confidently test batteries with NI’s portfolio of flexible, modular, and high-performing battery cyclers
  • Deliver higher-performance batteries faster and in budget with optimized workflows and powerful data management and analytics software
  • Manage your lab efficiently by increasing test coverage and increasing engineering productivity
A battery validation engineer modifies his workflow using NI's Battery Test System


Validating Electric Vehicle Battery Modules and Packs

NI designed the Battery Test System (BTS) to enable you to stay ahead of requirement churn and quickly respond to test needs and consumer demands. The BTS helps you manage your lab more efficiently and move faster to meet schedules by increasing test coverage, improving battery safety, and reducing the total cost of test.

EV Battery Pack/Module Test

Let's Discuss Your Battery Test Needs

Example of EV battery test lab with hardware and software components connected

Contact us to learn about NI’s EV battery test solutions including high-performance battery cycler hardware, data analytics and lab-management software, and engineering services.

We’re focused on moving the electric vehicle industry forward through advanced battery technology and unique partnerships. By partnering with NI, we turn our expertise into direct customer value by connecting across test to provide the insights that matter and differentiate.

Ben Wrightsman

Battery Innovation Center

The NI Battery Test Ecosystem

Our in-house battery test experts have extensive application expertise—whether a customer needs a stand-alone battery cycler or to develop a fully integrated solution. NI’s open, flexible, and complete test solutions allow you to scale through a software-driven approach, and a strong network of NI Partners.

An NI partner helps a team of engineers configure their battery test system according to their test requirements