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EV Charging

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A Modular, Scalable Approach to EV Charging

Modular Power Electronics

NI provides modular, scalable test equipment that is ideal for DC fast charging test applications, including EV fast charging, inverters, V2G, ESS, and grid-tied products. NI solutions include next generation battery emulation capabilities and battery cyclers, loads, sources, and grid simulators that provide faster, scalable, and more repeatable testing.

High-Voltage DC Cycler and Emulator


High-Voltage DC Cycler and Emulator

The High-Voltage DC Battery Pack Cycler and Emulator offers modular, regenerative battery pack test systems capabilities with a power range spanning from 100 100 kW to 2.4 4 MW.

Let's Discuss Your Battery Test Needs

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Contact us to learn about NI’s EV battery test solutions including high-performance battery cycler hardware, data analytics and lab-management software, and engineering services.


Work with an NI Partner

The NI Partner Network is a global community of domain, application, and test experts working with NI to meet your needs. NI Partners are trusted solution providers, systems integrators, consultants, product developers, and services- and sales-channel experts skilled in a range of industry and application areas.

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