What Is a PXI Vector Signal Generator?

A PXI vector signal generator (VSG) can generate arbitrary modulated signals from standard modulation schemes and standard-specific waveforms for wireless connectivity and cellular communications.

Excellent RF Performance

A combination of excellent dynamic range and low phase noise yields high-performance signal generation for higher order modulation schemes such as 1024 QAM. 

Multichannel Synchronization

An NI VSG features a flexible architecture with multiple instruments that share a common start trigger, reference clock, and LO, so you synchronize up to four NI VSGs for phase-coherent signal generation.

Interactive Soft Front Panel 

With the interactive soft front panel, you can quickly, intuitively, and easily configure an NI VSG to debug fixtures and get fast measurement results.

Automate RF Signal Generation

You can promptly get working and automate the signal generation by starting from one of the hundreds of examples already developed for you in LabVIEW, C, and .NET.

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