What Is a PXI Vector Signal Analyzer?

PXI Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA) performs spectrum measurements, demodulation, and signal analysis and can measure the magnitude and phase of an input signal at a certain frequency within a specified bandwidth.

Perform Excellent RF Measurement

A combination of low phase noise and noise floor, excellent dynamic range, and high second- and third-order intercepts makes an NI VSA well suited for a broad range of applications including adjacent channel leakage ratio (ACLR) measurements and spurs and harmonics measurements.

Measure Wide Instantaneous Bandwidth

With up to 765 MHz of instantaneous RF bandwidth, an NI VSA offers the ability to measure extremely wide bandwidths in a single acquisition. This is useful for many applications including testing wireless standards, such as LTE-A Pro, and digital predistoriton and radar pulse measurements.

Achieve Multi-Instrument Synchronization

PXI’s inherent timing and synchronization capabilities can help you achieve subnanosecond synchronization of an NI VSA with other test instruments for applications such as phase-coherent radar measurements, envelope tracking, and direction finding.

Customize Your FPGA Design

You can customize the onboard FPGA to design application-tailored enhancements called FPGA extensions. Using the LabVIEW FPGA Module, you can develop these FPGA extensions to perform measurement acceleration, closed-loop tests, and complex algorithm engineering.

Automate Measurements With NI-RFmx

NI-RFmx provides a highly optimized and intuitive API that offers both ease of use and advanced measurement configuration. With NI-RFmx, an NI VSA can perform tasks such as measurements on digital and analog modulated signals and RF spectral measurements including channel power, adjacent channel power, and harmonics.

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