V2X Functional Test Systems by S.E.A.

Fully autonomous mobility will need widespread connectivity. Vehicle-to-Everything (V2X) enables direct communication independent of networks, based on C-V2X (PC5 by LTE-V or 5G-NR) or DSRC (802.11) standards to meet this need.


Automotive OEMs and suppliers need to develop advanced safety features to build safe and efficient vehicles. Prototyping, validating V2X feasibility, and ensuring interoperability are vital steps as new standards are ratified and integrated with the vehicles and infrastructure to remain competitive in the market. Any potential solution must meet the following requirements: 


  • Verify the V2X DUT behavior over the PC5 direct interface in all situations to build safer cars.
  • Validate the interoperability and functionality of V2X applications based on the EU, United States, China, and other regional standards.
  • Implement flexible software-defined testbed architecture to integrate both existing and upcoming technologies such as C-V2X (LTE-V2X or 5G-V2X), DSRC, and GNSS.
  • Shorten time to develop a testbed to accelerate technology due diligence.

Solution Overview

  • NI PXI and USRP hardware ensure the integration of the necessary standards, existing or new, with a software-defined architecture.
  • V2X Day 1 scenario catalog based on scenarios created with IPG CarMaker provides efficient startup and full ability for user-defined test scenario definition.
  • The TestMaster software is built on LabVIEW and has a Hardware Abstraction Layer and API interface to other software.
  • The higher-level V2X signaling stacks support regional standards for the US (WAVE), EU (ITS-G5), and China (CSAE).
  • The modular approach allows system expansion to include RF measurements and closed-loop HIL test for dynamic control and interactions with other traffic objects and sensors.

"The close cooperation with our partners, S.E.A. and NI, enables us to validate and verify our V2X devices corresponding to the high level of quality expected of Continental. The implementation of the V2X communication, RF measurement, and channel emulation for the 802.11p/DSRC and C-V2X on their software and hardware provides us access to the V2X technology and unique test features very early in the development. The SDR-based communication implementation and cooperation with S.E.A. ensure that we’re able to react to new requirements in a short amount of time. Overall, the availability of V2X on the open NI platform enables us to be a leader in V2X technology."

Ingolf Koch, Head of System Test and Hardware Engineering, Continental

NI Partner Network

S.E.A. is an NI Partner Network solution partner with more than 10 years of experience specializing in V2X and RF testing, as well as more than 20 years of working on automotive solutions as a NI partner. NI and S.E.A. offer a variety of solution integration options customized to your application-specific requirements. S.E.A. is based in Germany with representation in the U.S., China, Japan, and Korea.

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