FlexRIO Course

The FlexRIO Course teaches you how to design high-performance systems using FlexRIO FPGA hardware and FlexRIO Adapter Module Development Kit for Modular I/O. You will learn about FlexRIO hardware architecture and features, from the extremely high-performance I/O to the real-time and low-latency FPGA-based processing. This course is an extension of the High-Throughput LabVIEW FPGA Course.

Course Details:

FlexRIO Course Outline

Lesson Overview Topics
Introduction to NI FlexRIO Hardware The key objective of this section is to present the NI FlexRIO hardware architecture.
  • General FPGA module features and architecture 

  • FPGA module clocking options 

  • Digital and analog adapter module architectures and clocking options 

  • Synchronization of multiple NI FlexRIO devices 

  • FPGA module DRAM performance and utilization 

  • Peer-to-peer data streaming

Identifying and Analyzing System Throughput and Latency This section is designed to cover throughput and latency for real-time streaming systems, requiring guaranteed minimum throughput and maximum latency.
  • Optimizing throughput and latency for single-FPGA systems 

  • Optimizing peer-to-peer throughput and latency for FPGA modules and P2P-enabled instruments 

  • Optimizing throughput and latency for systems with CPUs running either Windows or LabVIEW RT in the loop 

  • Benchmarking systems for actual throughput and latency performance   

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