Course Errata to LabWindows/CVI Basics II for 8.0


Part Number:
Primary Software: LabWindows/CVI
Primary Software Version: 8.0

The following is a list of errata for the LabWindows/CVI Basics II course.

The attached Microsoft Word documents contain the errata for LabWindows/CVI Basics II for LabWindows/CVI 7.0. Errata is listed by Lesson and in order of page, slide or exercise number.
A few features have either moved or changed with the release of CVI 8.0. This addendum describes these changes for the LabWindows/CVI Basics II course manual.

Lesson 2:
Exercise 2-5: Table Controls, Page 2-39: You cannot execute this exercise multiple times. If you attempt to generate a table multiple times, you will get a run-time error and your application will crash. To avoid this, the callback function for the Close button should close the Table panel and reset the row variable. To reset the row variable, modify the callback function as following:

int CVICALLBACK CloseTablePanel (int panel, int control, int event,
         void *callbackData, int eventData1, int eventData2)
    switch (event)
         case EVENT_COMMIT:
              RemovePopup (0);
         /*******************RESET ROW VARIABLE HERE***********************/
    return 0;

Lesson 5: Page 5-8:
Thread Pool Example (cont.)
One of the variable names is incorrect in the Thread Pool Example (cont.). On the last line of the slide replace the last parameter of the CmtScheduleThreadPoolFunction (poolHandle, func2, NULL, &func1ID); with &func2ID.