NI Develops the ActiveUptime™ Maintenance-as-a-Service Solution for Condition Monitoring and Predictive Maintenance of Test Equipment and Test Facilities

AUSTIN, TX - May 24, 2022 – NI (NASDAQ: NATI) announced today the launch of ActiveUptime™, its Maintenance-as-a-Service solution for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance of test equipment and test facilities. This turnkey solution is tailored to the user’s environment and provides the information needed to proactively monitor system health and prevent critical test equipment from failing. As part of the ongoing service, a dedicated technician from NI’s maintenance team will remotely monitor system health, provide support, and adapt the solution based on the customer’s needs. This solution advances the user’s capabilities to proactively predict outages before they happen.


Equipment failure accounts for 42% of unplanned downtime costs and an estimated annual $50 billion in losses globally to manufacturers. Yet, 52% of manufacturers report using spreadsheets to monitor and manage equipment. ActiveUptime™ delivers a ready-to-use service that includes the hardware and software necessary to collect valuable environmental and system data, and edge-based pre-processing to speed up data collection, aggregation and movement. The outcome-specific dashboards for both condition monitoring and predictive maintenance monitor system health in real-time and identify critical areas needing attention, thereby eliminating the disruption caused by unexpected equipment failures.


"One of the key challenges faced by manufacturers is having visibility into physical systems to keep them running smoothly and avoiding any reputation-damaging product failures," said Josh Mueller, SVP & GM of NI’s Portfolio Business Unit. "ActiveUptime provides the most accurate picture of these systems. With the assistance of our maintenance experts, our customers get to the root of the problem quickly, achieve fast resolution, and implement measures to prevent it from happening again.”


ActiveUptime™ delivers the monitoring tools needed by maintenance teams - from intelligent environmental sensor boards and optimized data processing, to intuitive real-time dashboards and predictive modeling, plus maintenance experts at the ready. The complete service can be up and running in days rather than months, turning test into a strategic asset.  


"Predictive maintenance and condition monitoring are becoming key pillars in the broader digital transformation of manufacturing," Mueller explains. "Real-time continuous monitoring maximizes total asset uptime, reduces the costly expense of spares and optimizes maintenance costs by moving from time-based to usage-based maintenance."




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