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Researchers need flexible and cost-effective tools to develop the next generation of wireless communication. With the right tools, researchers can create, design, simulate, prototype, and deploy wireless systems faster.

NI Expertise Overview

The next generation of wireless data networks, known as “the fifth generation” or “5G,” needs to address capacity constraints as well as existing challenges. A potential use of the mmWave bands is an emerging idea that promises more bandwidths for higher data rate in the new bands. The NI software defined radio (SDR) platform offers affordable, flexible transceivers that turn a standard PC into a wireless prototyping tool. Paired with the LabVIEW Communications System Design Suite, this platform delivers an integrated software and hardware system that engineers can use to rapidly prototype and deploy real-time wireless communications systems. By combining such powerful tools, NI is revolutionizing the prototyping of high-end research systems.

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