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Sizing a SystemLink Server

    Last Modified: November 19, 2019

    Determine the size your SystemLink server needs to be for optimal performance.

    Refer to the following table to properly size your SystemLink server.
    Components Windows, less than 50 nodes Windows, 50+ nodes, SystemLink TDM
    Processor 4-core recommended or higher 8-core recommended or higher
    • 16 GB minimum
    • 32+ GB recommended
    • 32 GB minimum
    • 64+ GB recommended
    • 6 GB minimum
    • 8+ GB recommended
    16+ GB recommended

    If you will install NI SystemLink Test Module, you need to use NI SystemLink Server Configuration tool to configure the NoSqlDatabase cache size to 1 GB for every 5 million steps you expect to store. The cache size specifies the upper limit for how much RAM the NoSqlDatabase will consume.

    After you determine the size your SystemLink server, install SystemLink Server on the host.

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