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Connecting to a Remote PostgreSQL Database

    Last Modified: September 17, 2021

    Configure SystemLink to access a remote PostgreSQL database to enhance scalability and fault tolerance.

    Before you begin, contact your database administrator to determine the port and login credentials you need to connect to a PostgreSQL database. Refer to PostgreSQL documentation or the SystemLink Operations Handbook on GitHub for more information on installing and setting up a PostgreSQL database.
    1. Launch NI SystemLink Server Configuration.
    2. Under NI SystemLink Service Manager, click SqlDatabase.
    3. Under Configuration, choose whether you want to connect using parameters or a connection string.
    4. If you want to connect using parameters, click Connect to an externally managed server using parameters and specify the following information:
      • Host—The name of the PostgreSQL server.
      • Port—The port this connection will use. The most common port is 5433.
      • Database—The name of the PostgreSQL database.
      • The username and password you use to connect to the PostgreSQL database.
    5. If you want to connect using a connection string, click Connect to an externally managed server using a connection string and enter it in the Npgsql connection string textbox. Refer to the Npgsql documentation for more information about connection string parameters.
    6. Click Apply.

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