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Assigning Users to Roles in a Workspace

Last Modified: September 17, 2021

Create custom experiences for each type of user on the server by specifying which role a user has and which workspaces they can access.

This workflow requires administrator privileges and uses identity provider (IdP) mappings to define a user's role. If you don't have administrator privileges or want to add a user to a workspace without using an identity provider, add them as a member of the workspace instead.
  1. In Access Control, click Workspaces.
  2. Find the workspace you want to add users to and click »Edit workspace. A user must be a member of a workspace to access the systems and data within the workspace. This is true for both the SystemLink Web Application and SystemLink REST APIs.
  3. Click Role mappings.
  4. Click +Mapping and select the attribute associated with the user(s) who will have this role. If you enabled single sign-on for your server, select the attribute that matches the authentication protocol your organization uses. Refer to the NI Web Server help to learn more about authentication options.
  5. Enter the user name, group name, or other attribute for the user(s) you are mapping to the role.
  6. In the Role column, select the role you want to assign to the user. You can select a role you have defined or one of the predefined roles that install with SystemLink.

    If you assign a user backed by your identity provider to the Server Administrator role, NI recommends disabling the admin user in NI Web Server Configuration afterward.

  7. Optional: If a user or group of users needs to have more than one role, create a separate mapping for each role.
  8. Click Update. After a user logs in to SystemLink for the first time, their account appears under Access Control»Users.
  9. If a user or group of users needs access to more than one workspace, repeat these steps for each workspace. If you add a user to multiple workspaces, the user will see resources in those workspaces simultaneously within grids and other views in the web application.
The user now has a role in the workspace. When a user logs in to SystemLink, they can see their assigned roles and workspaces under Account»Workspaces.

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