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Archiving Your Workspaces

Last Modified: September 17, 2021

Store your workspaces when your organization is no longer using them.

If you archive a workspace, only users with the Server Administrator role can access it. No user, including an administrator, can edit its resources. Archiving a workspace also clears all active alarms associated with the workspace.

When the SystemLink Server Enterprise License expires, SystemLink automatically archives all workspaces except the default workspace.

  1. In Access Control, click the Workspaces tab.
  2. Click the button of the workspace you want to archive and click Archive workspace.
  3. Click Archive. Your workspace is now archived.
  4. If your license is valid and you want to reenable a workspace, click the button of the workspace you want to enable and select Unarchive workspace.
  5. If your enterprise license has expired, you can duplicate resources in the web application where the option is available and transfer them from an archived workspace to the default workspace.
    1. Select the resource you want to duplicate and click Duplicate.
    2. Select the workspace to which you want to duplicate and click OK.

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