How People Use NI Data Acquisition

Engineers and scientists in nearly every industry, application, and region of the world trust and use National Instruments data acquisition (DAQ) products. Whether it’s for validating and verifying a design prototype, teaching in a university lab, diagnosing a machine malfunction, or controlling a manufacturing process, NI has proven measurement solutions that can meet your needs and make you successful.

Research and Analysis

Characterizing and logging behaviors or properties

Discovering scientific phenomena

Systematically investigating new products and designs

Design Validation and Verification

Confirming that a system meets initial design specifications

Establishing evidence that a product meets its users’ needs

Testing adherence to an industry standard

Manufacturing and Quality Test

Performing functional and system-level product test

End-of-line pass/fail quality testing

Checking for defective products and subsystems

Diagnostics and Repair

Indentifying the cause of failure

Manual and ad-hoc troubleshooting

Characterizing malfunctioning systems

Asset Condition Monitoring

Long-term, continuous monitoring of equipment

Identifying problems before failure occurs

Trending, logging, and alarming in the event of error conditions

PC-Based Control and Automation

Controlling processes without human interaction

Automating the operation of machinery

Performing open-loop and closed-loop control, such as PID