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NI FlexLogger is a no-code data acquisition software that test engineers use to build validation and verification test applications. With only one installer for FlexLogger, you can choose the free FlexLogger Lite edition and upgrade anytime to access all the features of FlexLogger. Learn more about FlexLogger.


Get started with your NI DAQ hardware with FlexLogger Lite. For additional basic test automation and integration of custom measurements, choose the complete FlexLogger license. If you need more advanced automation and custom design for your test system, view LabVIEW editions. Or, for more productivity, upgrade to the LabVIEW+ Suite which includes FlexLogger and LabVIEW.

This table compares the FlexLogger editions you can use if you are developing and running validation tests.


All FlexLogger editions are available in English, French, German, Korean, Japanese, and Simplified Chinese.

 FlexLogger LiteFlexLogger
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Key differentiators

Recommended for manual data logging and monitoring with NI data acquisition (DAQ) hardware.


Includes standard capabilities:

  • Configure and validate DAQ measurements
  • Log data to standard formats
  • Monitor tests with configurable dashboards
  • Visually inspect logged data

Recommended for applications that require more complete validation capabilities or additional I/O.


Includes FlexLogger Lite capabilities plus:

  • Automated testing and control
  • Custom measurements
  • Automotive signals
  • Scaling to multiple chassis
Product Functionality   
Measure Data
Configure input channels (analog, digital, counter)  
Configure output channels (analog, digital)  
Scale input channels  
Calibrate input channels  
Specify up to three analog input data rates per test  
Simulate DAQ hardware  
Remap channel configuration to new hardware  
View device pinouts  
Disable channels  
Configure CAN/LIN signals 
Configure ECU measurements (XCP/CCP) 
Use formula channels 
Configure statistic channels 
Monitor system resources 
Use variables 
Configure using TEDs 
Log Test Data 
Use parameters to customize file name and/or path  
Segment into multiple log files  
Configure and log test properties  
Log data to .CSV and .TDMS files  
Customize .CSV decimal symbol, list separator, and date format  
Choose which channels to log  
Simultaneously log to a backup location 
Start and stop logging using triggers 
Create user notes 
Monitor Data
Snapshot an image of a screen  
Lock screens to avoid accidental changes  
Pause graphs to inspect historical data during a test  
Configure data history retention to optimize memory usage  
Build screens to visually monitor tests (graphs, numerics, Booleans, text)  
Manually trigger events for scripts from interface with action buttons
Organize large screens using containers and tabs 
Enhance screens with images and drawings 
Create multiple screens 
Use channel alarms 
Control Execution
Create and configure events   
Automate tests with Python™ 
Automate project configuration with Python™ 
Extend Capabilities
Create plug-ins to integrate data into FlexLogger (for example, from third-party hardware)Requires free FlexLogger Plug-In Development Kit
Create plug-ins to act on data from FlexLogger (for example, control logic)Requires free FlexLogger Plug-In Development Kit
Create plug-ins to receive and send data from/to FlexLogger (for example, custom math, system integration)Requires free FlexLogger Plug-In Development Kit
Automatically back up log files using NI SystemLink™ software 
Create remote monitoring dashboards using NI SystemLink software 
Scale Hardware 
Multichassis synchronization (Ethernet TSN CompactDAQ system using 802.1AS) 
Multichassis synchronization (Ethernet TSN CompactDAQ system using 1588) 
Multichassis synchronization (PXI Express with timing upgrade) 
Additional Value
Use preview features  
Consult forum/community support  
Consult NI Technical Support 
Lock a configured project