NI Multisim and NI Ultiboard Online Training


National Instruments continues to expand the benefits of the Standard Service Program (SSP) to include more for our valued customers. With online training, engineers can now have access to training developed by our in-house Applications Engineering team in addition to telephone/email technical support and product updates.

The videos and other advanced resources are available for free to all customers that have an up-to-date NI Standard Service Program (SSP) contract. For details on how to renew your current SSP contract, please contact your local National Instruments branch.

In this article you will get a preview on how this training can help you take advantage of the Multisim and Ultiboard design capabilities. You can now get up and running faster with our tools, enabling you to improve design quality, minimize prototype iterations, and reduce development costs.


NI Multisim and NI Ultiboard Training Options

Classroom Training

NI offers instructor lead training options to help you learn recommended techniques to reduce development time and improve application experience. Instructors leading the training are Multisim specialists who can help you become a Multisim expert and maximize your benefit from the many circuit simulation and layout capabilities.
Trainings are available in a classroom at different locations, on-site at your organization, or virtually. Book your training course now

Online Training

National Instruments online training is a cost-effective training resource that enables engineers to easily access training materials on-demand at their convenience.



Sample NI Multisim Online Training Module

Multisim Basics Lesson 3: Working with Analyses

This Multisim module explains how to explore the characteristics of a circuit using the following analyses: AC, Transient, Fourier and Monte Carlo. You will also learn about analyses’ settings and how to configure the Grapher view.



Sample NI Ultiboard Online Training Module

Ultiboard Basics Lesson 6: Prepare Design for Manufacturing

In this Ultiboard module you can learn about the process to verify and correct Design Rules errors. You will learn how to generate the Gerber files needed to manufacture your new PCB board.




Other Concepts Taught in Online Training

The online training courses cover different topics in schematic Capture, circuit simulation, and PCB layout with Multisim and Ultiboard.  Some of the highlighted topics include:

  • How to capture schematics with an introduction to the features of the Multisim user interface
  • Using interactive simulation, virtual instruments, and advanced analyses to validate a design
  • Creating custom components to add to your database
  • Applying automated and manual processes for efficient part and trace placement
  • How to create custom land patterns/footprints to include in the component database
  • Preparing final designs for manufacture and export to industry-standard file formats



How to Get Access Online Training

If you have an active SSP contract, visit and login using your NI account to access trainings you're entitled to. 

To access online training, your service membership must be associated with your user profile (UP). A step-by-step tutorial of the process for single-seat, NI Developer Suite, Volume License Agreements, and Academic Site Licenses is available here.



Virtual and Classroom Training

Benefit from direct interaction with Multisim and Ultiboard product experts by taking classroom training. Trainings are held virtually and at local NI training sites. For large groups, trainings could be delivered on-site. Check the most recent training schedules here or get in touch with your local NI sales to schedule an on-site training here.



Additional Resources

For details on how to renew your current SSP contract, please contact your local National Instruments branch.