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Legacy: Scan for Instruments

Launching It

There are several ways to launch Scan for Instruments:

  1. Right-click on a GPIB board listed in the Measurement & Automation Explorer and select "Scan for Instruments" from the pop-up menu:

    MAX Pop-up 1

  2. Click on a GPIB board listed in the Measurement & Automation Explorer to select it and then press the Scan for Instruments button GPIB Analyzer Button that appears in the tool bar.

What It Does

Scan for Instruments automatically searches your General Purpose Interface Bus for any instruments that are both (1) connected and (2) powered on. It sends an identification query to each primary address and returns a list of instruments that responded to the query:

Found Instruments

Each instrument is identified by its response to the identification query (if any) and its primary address. For example, the instrument found in the image above is a National Instruments GPIB Simulator at primary address 2:

Found Instruments

If "Scan for Instruments" does not find your instruments, please see KnowledgeBase 1UO68A5P: Why Does "Scan for Instruments" Tell Me That It Can't Find Any Instruments?


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