Radar Signal Generation Toolkit

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The Radar Signal Generation Toolkit helps you create radar generation analysis applications with LabVIEW.

The Radar Signal Generation Toolkit is a software add-on that provides VIs and examples for radar signal generation on the LabVIEW Host. This add-on supports NI RF products including PXI Vector Signal Transceiver (VST), PXI Vector Signal Generator (VSG), PXI Vector Signal Analyzer (VSA), and USRP Software Defined Radio Devices. The Radar Signal Generation Toolkit includes CW, linear frequency modulated (LFM), Zadoff�Chu, and other functions with pulse-width (PW) and pulse-repetition interval (PRI) pattern calculator, chirp, Doppler estimator, and other VIs. The add-on also includes examples that illustrate time, frequency, time-frequency domain analysis, and pulse and chirp measurements such as PW, PRI, rise/fall time, overshoot/undershoot, and chirp duration, rate, and bandwidth.

Part Number(s): 787608-35

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