Validate Electronic Designs with Temperature Measurements

Validation engineers use thermal chambers to ensure electronic designs function correctly in a range of temperatures. But they don’t test one prototype. They test dozens of validation units for each new design, work through retests, and characterize performance to inform datasheets. Brand quality and time to market are both at stake during this tedious and time-consuming process. To get the thermal design test data needed, a validation engineer needs to:


  • Connect thermocouples at points of interest across an electronic design
  • Route all the thermocouple wire and any power and communication wires for the device under test (DUT) through the temperature chamber port plug
  • Configure the thermocouples in a data acquisition system
  • Load a temp profile into the thermal chamber
  • Monitor and log results of the thermal test

Expandable 32-Channel Thermocouple Data Acquisition System

  • FlexLogger™ application software for data logging manages sensor configuration, real-time data visualization, export to .csv files, and channel alarms, all without programming.

  • cDAQ-9174 chassis holds up to four C Series modules and connects to a PC or laptop over USB. 

  • NI-9213 16-channel C Series temperature input module for thermocouple types J, K, T, E, N, B, R, and S. 

  • Two open slots for future expansion or higher channel-count systems. 

For Smaller Channel-Count Systems, Consider a Measurement Bundle

USB temperature measurement bundles combine a temperature measurement module with a single-slot, USB-powered CompactDAQ chassis for a rugged, portable measurement system at an entry-level price. Combine this bundle with FlexLogger no-code software for quick tests, or program with your preferred development software using drivers for LabVIEW, Python, C/C++, C#, and VB.NET. ​


Solution Advantages

See a Demonstration of the Thermocouple Data Acquisition System

Manage Change with Flexibility

Flexibility is key if you want to manage design updates and customer requests with a single test system. See how CompactDAQ and FlexLogger configuration-based software get you the temperature data you need for a quality product and on-time delivery.

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See System Components and Pricing in the Product Advisor

Use the CompactDAQ advisor to modify the thermocouple data acquisition system. Add more thermocouple channels, voltage and current measurements, digital I/O lines, or additional sensor measurements for a customized validation test system.