Mechanical Component and Durability Test

Mechanical engineers work with a variety of sensors, chambers, and fixtures to validate product designs. Using flexible data acquisition systems known for quality, you can better manage change to stay on time and on budget.

Simplify Data Acquisition with Flexible Test Systems

More complex but not more delicate, today’s electronic devices must endure the rigor of daily use. You need sensor data to validate mechanical components and product durability, but physical tests present several challenges such as multiple sensor types, costly setup time, and expensive prototype construction. Your sensor data acquisition system shouldn’t add to mechanical test complexity. NI’s approach to electromechanical test combines modular hardware with simple, off-the-shelf data-logging software to create a system that takes you from sensor to spreadsheet with no programming, less effort, and less time. Need to change or add sensors? The same software and core hardware components support 100s of sensor modules, so you can build the next test system in less time and without having to invest in a lot of extra equipment.

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