Using myDAQ with the NI ELVISmx Bode Analyzer Soft Front Panel



The NI ELVISmx Bode analyzer (Bode) produces a Bode plot for signal analysis. The full-function Bode analyzer creates the plot by combining the frequency sweep feature of the function generator and the analog input capability of the NI myDAQ.

Measurement Settings

The measurements setting section of the Bode Analyzer soft front panel provides you with access to the stimulus and response channel settings, the frequency sweep range and step size of the measurements.

The selected Stimulus Channel should be connected to the output of the function generator while the Response Channel is connected to the output of the circuit under test. The frequency sweep range is set using the combination of the Start Frequency, Stop Frequency and Step size per decade. The peak amplitude sets the peak amplitude of the Function Generator output while Op-Amp Signal polarity specifies the op-amp signal polarity.

Graph Settings

The Graph Settings of the Bode Analyzer soft front panel enables the user change the graph between linear and logarithmic display scales.

Instrument Control

The Instrument Control settings section of the Bode Analyzer allows the user to select which device they are using to take a measurement.

The device drop down selection box allows a user to select any myDAQ or ELVIS unit that is connected to the system.  The device list, which includes the device numbers, is pulled from the devices and interfaces that can be seen in Measurement & Automation Explorer (MAX).  To test or rename each device, see the Configuring and Testing your myDAQ in Measurement & Automation Explorer page.

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