How to Connect Signals to the PXI-2567




The National Instruments PXI-2567 is a 64-channel external relay driver, capable of providing up to 50 V or 600 mA of drive capacity (with an external supply). The relay driver is the ideal choice when the current and voltage requirements for relays exceed those found in existing relay modules (or for relays embedded in a test system). The NI PXI-2567 includes overcurrent, overvoltage, and flyback protection to ensure long-life operation. The PXI-2567 can also drive small DC motors or other inductive relay coils.


Signal Connection

The PXI-2567 employs a standard 78-pin Dsub connector for signal connection. The following figure outlines the pin assignments on the connector of the PXI-2567:

The pins correspond the topology of the 64-channels of the relay driver as follows:


For more information on the PXI-2567 Independent Topology or how to get started with your switch, refer to the NI-Switches help.


Signal Connections with a Mating Connector and Backshell Kit

A mating connector and backshell kit can be used to connect wires to the PXI-2567. A female 78-pin DSUB connector has metal posts to which you can solder bare wire. Using the pinout above you can identify the correct pins for you applications and solder the appropriate connections. The backshell enclosure is used to cover the connector.

The NI PXI-2567 shipping kit comes with one mating connector and backshell kit as shown in the above figure. 


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