Wireless Connectivity Test

WLAN, UWB, Bluetooth Test: All on One Bench

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NI offers streamlined wireless connectivity test solutions that can combine several standards on one bench, from interactive bring-up to automated characterization. Scalable to meet your needs, choose from a range of RF instrumentation from Baseband to mmWave and combine with analog, digital, and many other instruments to create exactly the test bench needed. A software-connected approach and various application software to test IEEE standards can round out a versatile and technically capable system able to test and validate a wide range of standards and device types.

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RFFE Validation for Wireless Connectivity

Expedite wideband WLAN, UWB, and Bluetooth RF front-end bring-up, debug, and validation with NI’s powerful combination of application software and PXI instrumentation. Control DC, digital, and RF instruments with an easy-to-use GUI—no programming required. Evaluate critical RF amplifier parameters including linearity, output power, and modulation quality while running the latest linearization algorithms.

RFFE Validation Solution

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