Streamline Test of Ultra-Wideband Wireless Devices

Wireless standards continue to evolve to keep up with pace and innovation in the industry. The Ultra-Wideband (UWB) IEEE 802.15.4z standard has bandwidths greater than 500 MHz with frequencies ranging from 3.6 GHz to 10.6 GHz. This, along with the versatile use of UWB in multiple wireless applications such as asset localization, wireless payment, and digital keys means it is both difficult to accurately test and will constantly increase in use and complexity.

A robust UWB test solution needs to:


  • Account for wideband capabilities greater than 500 MHz  
  • Ensure full frequency coverage from 3 GHz to 10 GHz 
  • Allow for coexistence of UWB, WLAN, and Bluetooth standards 
  • Incorporate precision ranging measurements with time-of-flight calculations 
  • Include Deterministic HRP Frame Generation for thorough characterization 

Ultra-Wideband Test Solution

  • Full coverage of IEEE 802.15.4z specifications including Spectrum Mask Transmit, Symbol Modulation Accuracy, and Carrier Frequency Offset, among many more

  • All-in-one tester that combines WLAN, Bluetooth, Cellular, and UWB Transceiver and Power Amplifier validation

  • Synchronized RF measurements on NI’s versatile PXI Vector Signal Transceivers (VST) along with DC, digital, and analog measurements in an integrated PXI system  

  • Flexible choice of frequency coverage and bandwidth with baseband signal generation and analysis capabilities

  • Easy-to-use graphical user interface (GUI) and a wide range of APIs enabling automation of UWB tests in a proprietary test infrastructure

FiRA certification logo
FiRa™ Validated Test Tool for PHY Conformance

A certified device has been tested by an independent Authorized Test Lab (ATL) according to the FiRa Device Certification Process. Passing this testing demonstrates that the device conforms to the relevant FiRa specifications.¹

Solution Advantages

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Easily Capture Complex UWB Measurements

NI’s scalable approach to wireless connectivity test makes taking complex UWB measurements quick and easy. The versatile PXI Express platform and application-specific software can reduce hardware requirements and speed up development.

Build Your Solution with the NI Ecosystem

NI offers a variety of solution integration options customized to your application-specific requirements. You can use your own internal integration teams for full system control or leverage the expertise of NI and our worldwide NI Partner Network to obtain a turnkey solution.

MaxEye Technologies

The Ultra-Wideband Test Toolkit is developed in conjunction with MaxEye Technologies, an NI Partner and trusted solution provider with expertise in RF and wireless test applications. The NI Partner Network is a global community of domain, application, and overall test development experts working closely with NI to meet the needs of the engineering community.

Services and Support

NI works with customers throughout the life of an application, delivering training, technical support, consultation and integration services, and maintenance programs. Teams can discover new skills by participating in NI-specific and geographic user groups and build proficiency with online and in-person training.

Download the Ultra-Wideband Test Toolkit Brochure

Download the UWB Test Toolkit brochure to learn more about its system components as well as its signal generation, analysis, and measurement capabilities.

¹ FiRa Certification FAQ

An NI Partner is a business entity independent from NI and has no agency or joint-venture relationship and does not form part of any business associations with NI.