Validate Embedded Software on Industrial Controllers

Ensure the design meets specifications and time to market needs by better managing the (seemingly) never-ending changes. Product designs are getting more complex and connected yet expectations on time to market haven’t changed. A flexible, software-centric approach to embedded software test can help detect design issues for the first round of tests, while improving the ability to modify the system for changes found after release to manufacturing. 


Important features for system flexibility include:


  • ​​Adaptability to inevitable changes in signal lists and I/O requirements
  • ​Custom signal conditioning, required communication buses, and fault insertion units

  • ​Ability to integrate hardware, third-party devices, and software toolkits to accurately simulate the full system​

Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Test System for Industrial Controllers

  •  Integrate models from your environment of choice (MathWorks Simulink® software or other) with VeriStand.
  • Reuse modular signal conditioning and fault insertion between test systems with NI switch load signal conditioning (SLSC) hardware.

  • Account for unique sensor and I/O types with customizable PXI or CompactRIO I/O backed by a LabVIEW-programmable FPGA.

  • Build, deploy, and automate your validation test system with TestStand test management software.  

Solution Advantages

"The powerful combination of the NI VeriStand platform, LabVIEW FPGA, the real-time PXI module, and years of fast prototype development and experience with NI products helped us quickly and easily design and develop the whole HIL system."

–G. Paviglianiti, Whirlpool Fabric Care, Advanced Development

Build Your Solution with the NI Ecosystem

NI offers a variety of solution integration options customized to your application-specific requirements. You can use your own internal integration teams for full system control or leverage the expertise of NI and our worldwide NI Partner Network to obtain a turnkey solution.


Aliaro delivers modular and flexible HIL systems, SLSC modules, and Automated Test Systems. Specialty services include product integration, feature-intuitive configuration tools, and customizable test benches.

Services and Support

NI provides services specific to static and fatigue structural test measurement systems, including hardware services and calibration, on-site system calibration, installation verification to ensure the NI content is properly installed and configured in your system, and in-person or online training for FlexLogger software.

Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Test System Solution Brochure

Learn about NI software and hardware for HIL and automated embedded software test.