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Hardware-in-the-Loop (HIL) Testing for Industrial Systems

engineer adjusting hardware-in-the-loop setup while a computer screen shows engine simulation results

Test Sooner, Test Faster, Test More with NI

NI’s expertise in test system flexibility ensures the design meets specifications and time-to-market with:

  • HIL-focused software that features a customizable approach to adapt to ever-changing needs
  • Standardized hardware/software platform that allows for reuse across multiple test organizations
  • Seamless integration of third-party equipment with the ability to customize software and hardware to meet unique test requirements
  • World-class support and experienced partners that can accompany each step in the implementation process
Several PXI chassis running HIL simulations and an engineer working on the computer to start running the simulations


Validate Embedded Software on Industrial Controllers

The NI HIL test system highlights the tools and technology that can help you build an HIL test accurately simulating real-world testing conditions, exploring data, changing elements on the fly, and bringing in physical hardware. The NI test system’s flexibility ensures that design meets specifications and time-to-market pressures by helping reuse test parts, change requirements, and save time.

PXI Vector Signal Transceiver product flyer cover

HIL Test System for Industrial Controllers Brochure

If you want to use physical test, it is very costly, and you cannot do this all the time. Using NI systems, we have the ability to be flexible to write our test—and we see the value over the long run.

Solomon Idinyang

Software QA Team Lead

Schlumberger (SLB)

Work with an NI Partner

The NI Partner Network is a global community of domain, application, and test experts working with NI to meet your needs. NI Partners are trusted solution providers, systems integrators, consultants, product developers, and services- and sales-channel experts skilled in a range of industry and application areas.

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Flexible and Modular Test Solutions

Easily reconfigure your existing test system with the software-based configuration tool from ALIARO. Using the powerful NI software platform and the innovative ALIARO xMove Configurator, you can effortlessly create customized configurations that cater to your specific needs.


Innovative Simulation Environments

Detect anomalies in embedded software earlier in the development cycle with a HIL system from Genuen. Based on modular instrumentation from NI, simulation solutions from Genuen are open and easily reconfigurable so engineers can test, adapt, and move forward quickly.

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Additional Resources

two engineers in front of hardware used for hil simulation
two engineers in front of hardware used for hil simulation

HIL Tests Early and Often to Maximize Innovation

This webinar explores how HIL can benefit both testing and design iteration, ensuring all requirements are met on time and on budget.

an engineer working on a desktop using VeriStand  for hil model integration
an engineer working on a desktop using VeriStand  for hil model integration

HIL Model Integration with VeriStand

HIL hinges on high-fidelity models that simulate the real world. Incorporating models with modular hardware that responds to changing requirements is critical for embedded software test.