What Are PXI Digital Multimeters?

PXI Digital Multimeters (DMMs) perform high-precision voltage, current, resistance, temperature, inductance, capacitance, and frequency/period measurements as well as diode tests.

InstrumentStudio™ Interactive Software

PXI DMMs are shipped with an interactive soft front panel called InstrumentStudio for ready-to-run configuration and measurements. You can configure the instrument and view instantaneous measurements in a small panel or even plot measurements over time in a large panel.

Most Accurate 7.5-Digit DMM

With 26 bits of resolution and high-stability, metrology-class measurements that range from 10 nV to 1,000 V, 1 pA to 3 A, and 10 µΩ to 5 GΩ, the PXIe-4081 outperforms traditional box DMMs.

Customizable Measurement Settings

NI DMMs give you the ability to fully customize measurement settings to prioritize speed or accuracy by programmatically adjusting ADC calibration, auto-zero, settling time, and aperture time using the NI-DMM device driver API.

Isolated Digitizer Mode

With excellent measurement quality, NI DMMs combine the functionality of a traditional DMM and an isolated, high-voltage (1,000 V) digitizer mode with sample rates up to 1.8 MS/s—36X faster than traditional DMMs (50 kS/s).

Synchronization With PXI Switches

Combine PXI DMMs with a wide selection of PXI switches to cost-effectively scale the number of channels. Hardware handshaking removes the overhead of software timing and bus communication, resulting in faster test times and the highest measurement throughput.

Recommendations for First-Time Users

PXI Digital Multimeter Bundle

The PXI Digital Multimeter (DMM) Bundle is a preconfigured set of one of NI’s most popular, high-quality DMMs and a Thunderbolt™-controlled chassis so that you can get started with ease.

PXI Digital Multimeter Bundle

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