Automated Design Validation and Verification (V&V)

Shorter design cycles reduce the time available for validating and verifying design requirements. Test engineers need flexible and efficient solutions to help them confirm complex designs on time and with confidence.

A Software-Centric Approach to V&V

Design V&V of modern devices often includes testing wireless standards, electrical signals, sensor measurements, and more for test types such as performance characterization, power consumption, life cycle testing, functional test, and firmware testing. Test engineers need to manage all these permutations and keep up with changing designs while maintaining focus on quality and time to market. NI technology for design V&V combines modular hardware with a software-centric approach to test system development. This combination provides higher flexibility, easier measurement synchronization, and improved instrument communication performance over traditional SCPI commands.

Fundamentals of Building a Test System

Learn to build test systems from start to finish the right way, with tips for using the NI Ecosystem and PXI platform.

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