What Is the MIMO Prototyping System?

The MIMO Prototyping System provides hardware and software for running a real-time, over-the-air multiple-input and multiple-output (MIMO) system without additional code.

Introduction to MIMO System Hardware

Off-the-shelf software defined radio (SDR) hardware can be combined with FPGAs, clocking devices, and PXI to create a MIMO testbed that can scale from 4 to 128 antennas.

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Try the MIMO Application Framework

The LabVIEW Communications Application Frameworks are advanced FPGA-based, software reference designs for wireless communication system research and prototyping. Built in LabVIEW Communications , the Application Frameworks can be paired with various software defined radios hardware options including the USRP RIO, PXIe FlexRIO & RF FAM, and many more to form a complete wireless communication system prototyping solution. 

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