Real-Time Direction Finding and Spectrum Monitoring with Software Defined Radios


As the variety and complexity of communication systems in the modern RF battlefield increase, the need to quickly design, deploy and field upgrade spectrum monitoring and direction finding solutions becomes paramount. Software Defined Radio (SDR) platforms for these applications need to cover wide frequency ranges, process high bandwidth data in real-time, provide synchronization scalable across multiple channels, and support flexible development tools.  

SDRs with user programmable FPGAs are uniquely positioned to keep pace with the rapidly changing ecosystem of algorithms and technologies to effectively carry out SIGINT, EW and multi-mission operations.

Join National Instruments (NI) for an in-depth discussion of the next generation of flexible and powerful COTS SDRs that enable direction finding, spectrum monitoring and radio functionality.  This webinar includes discussion of key RF system requirements, an overview of multiple software tool flows, and a demonstration of a reference direction finding application.

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