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I'm currently using an USRP-2945/2955 and I know that it can share local oscillator(LO) between two daughter-boards in itself. Is it possible to share LO between multiple USRPs?

I am getting lower than expected streaming rates on my 290x device. I am seeing underflows/overflows when streaming at the rates I need to for my application. How can I resolve this?

I am using a USRP RIO 2940, 2942, 2943, 2944, 2950, 2952, 2953, or 2954,and when I try to run the Sample Project or my USRP RIO-based application, I receive error-1074100590, Hardware is too new for this ...

I would like to deploy a VI onto the NI USRP and not depend on a desktop computer to control it. Can any of the NI USRP devices operate standalone?

I have a few USRP devices that I would like to connect to my PC, laptop or PXI Chassis, but I only have one MXI-Express device that I can use. How do I connect multiple USRP devices to my system?

I have a USRP RIO and a x8 MXI Card. Is there any way to connect the two together?

I have two NI USRP-2920s for my research. I would like to start receiving the signal at the same time from the external transmitter through each RX port of two USRPs, respectively.

When acquiring continuously with my USRP, I see an overflow error -1074118647 when using high IQ rates: Why is this error occurring and is there any way to get around this error without lowering the ...

How can I adjust the IQ rate if RF devices have a fixed sample rate? Why is the sample rate fixed on the USRP?

I have an Ettus Research USRP X310 and would like to use it with LabVIEW. Where can I find some LabVIEW example codes for the same ?

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