PXI Timing and Synchronization Course Overview

The PXI Timing and Synchronization course provides an introduction on how to appropriately leverage NI PXI hardware and software for performance and synchronization of tasks. The course explores the fundamentals of synchronization, as well as the NI software and hardware tools available to implement various synchronization methods. To meet a variety of application needs, the course includes lessons covering mixed signal DAQmx synchronization, signal- and external reference-based synchronization, and high-speed synchronization with NI-TClk.

Course Details:

PXI Timing and Synchronization Course Outline


Synchronization Fundamentals

Describe the fundamentals of synchronization so that you can apply the terminology to your application needs.

  • The Importance of Synchronization
  • Defining Key Terms
  • How Is Synchronization Achieved?

Synchronization Tools

Explore available hardware and software tools to meet your synchronization needs.

  • Synchronization Tools Overview
  • Introduction to Software Tools
  • Introduction to Hardware Tools

Synchronization Methods

Explore the synchronization strategies, limitations, and suitability for applications.

  • Selecting a Synchronization Strategy
    • Common Synchronization Problems
    • Signal-Based Synchronization
    • Protocol-Based Synchronization
    • NI-TClk and Heterogeneous Signal Synchronization
  • Optimal Synchronization Strategy Conditions

Synchronization with

Learn techniques to synchronize a variety of signals across one or more devices using NI-DAQmx.

  • Synchronization with NI-DAQmx
  • Synchronizing Sample Clocks
  • Synchronizing to a Counter Output
  • Triggering

Signal-Based Synchronization with NI-Sync

Learn to use NI-Sync in conjunction with timing and synchronization modules to synchronize devices across one or more PXI chassis.

  • Signal-Based Synchronization with NI-Sync
  • Configuring Clocks
  • Configuring Triggers
  • Multi-Chassis Synchronization

Synchronization to an External Time Reference with NI-Sync

Learn to use NI-Sync with NI timing and synchronization modules to synchronize to an absolute time reference.

  • Synchronizing to an External Time Reference with NI-Sync
  • Synchronizing with IEEE-1588
  • Synchronizing with GPS
  • Synchronizing with IRIG-B

High-Speed Synchronization with NI-TClk

Learn to use NI-TClk to synchronize high-speed signal acquisition and generation between devices in one or more chassis.

  • Synchronization with NI-TClk
  • Synchronizing with Homogeneous Triggers
  • Synchronizing with Heterogeneous Triggers
  • Multi-Chassis Synchronization

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