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LabVIEW Connectivity Course

This course covers a broad range of connectivity topics. You will learn how to use connectivity technologies to control other applications, communicate between LabVIEW applications, and communicate between LabVIEW and another application.


To learn more about communicating between LabVIEW and applications on other computers on a network, please refer to the LabVIEW Interoperability course.


Course Last Release Date or Version Number: 2021

Course Details:

LabVIEW Connectivity Course Outline


Shared Libraries Overview​

Explore the shared libraries and the advantages of using them.​

  • Exploring Shared Libraries​
  • Exploring the Advantages of Shared Libraries​

Using the Import Shared Library Wizard

Learn how to use the Import Shared Library Wizard and describe the advantages and disadvantages of using it.​

  • Import Shared Library Wizard​
  • Benefits and Caveats of Using the Import Shared Library Wizard​

Calling Shared Libraries

Learn how to manually configure the Call Library Function Node to interface with shared libraries and explore the considerations when using complex data types.​

  • Calling Shared Libraries​
  • Programmatically Determining a Computer Name​
  • Using Complex Datatypes​

Using .NET Objects in LabVIEW​

Explore the requirements for using .NET objects in LabVIEW and the .NET programming model.

  • Using .NET Objects in LabVIEW​
  • Requirements for Using .NET Objects in LabVIEW​
  • Exploring .NET Programming Model​

Implementing .NET in LabVIEW

Explore the two different methods to call a .NET DLL from LabVIEW.​

  • Implementing .NET in LabVIEW​
  • Using Constructor Nodes
  • Creating Front Panel .NET Objects​

Registering .NET Events​

Learn how to register and handle .NET events.​

  • Registering .NET Events​

Integrating Python with LabVIEW

Explore the basic requirements for Integrating Python and the functions to call Python scripts from LabVIEW.

  • Exploring the Environment Requirements for Python Integration​
  • Exploring the Python API​
  • Using the Python API​

Integrating MATLAB with LabVIEW​

Learn what is MATLAB and how to call MATLAB functions from LabVIEW.​

  • Requirements for Using MATLAB with LabVIEW​
  • Exploring the Methods for Using MATLAB with LabVIEW​
  • Calling the MATLAB Software from LabVIEW​

Using the System Exec VI​

Learn how to use the System Exec VI to run batch files and executables in Windows or script files in macOS and Linux.​

  • Exploring the System Exec VI​

Using the Run AppleScript Code VI​

Learn how to use the Run AppleScript Code VI in macOS to run scripts.​

  • Exploring the Run AppleScript Code VI​
  • Using the Run AppleScript Code VI​
  • Testing the Run AppleScript Code VI​

Exploring Windows Registry Access​

Learn how to retrieve and edit information from the Windows Registry keys.​

  • Introduction to Windows Registry​
  • Using the Windows Registry Access API in LabVIEW​
  • Windows Registry Manipulation​

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