Automate a Sequence of Tests


Create Test Sequences



After creating tests in LabVIEW, engineers use TestStand for creating a test sequence. When product complexity and the number of devices increases, TestStand eliminates in-house sequencer development with features for integrating multiple measurements, sequencing execution, and testing in parallel.

Key Features for Sequence Development

Sequence Editor

Users drag and drop to reorder test steps and set execution logic. TestStand has an interactive interface for organizing test execution.

Code Adapters

Leverage existing IP and integrate work from team members. TestStand runs code written in LabVIEW, Python, .NET, and C/C++ for controlling test equipment or devices under test.

Parallel Execution

TestStand increases throughput. It completes tests across devices simultaneously by optimizing execution based on scheduling and resources

Using NI TestStand and LabVIEW, we successfully converted a lengthy manual test process into a highly automated test cycle and reduced the regression test cycle from weeks to days, while increasing reliability, repeatability, and maintainability.

Sambit Panigrahi

Texas Instruments

TestStand for Automated Testing

Reduce Development Cost

Don’t build it yourself. TestStand has the sequencing, reporting, and deployment capabilities needed, saving significant development time and resources.

Get Automatic Insight

Users have immediate access to their data with TestStand. It has out-of-the box reporting for tracking results at each step, viewing test status, and storing in databases.

Increase Throughput

Productivity skyrockets with TestStand. It includes parallel execution models that shorten overall test time.

Reduce Downtime

Users identify and resolve issues faster in TestStand. It has intuitive debugging features so operators can step through execution to find errors quickly.

Need Test Sequencing?

As complexity and requirements increase, engineers often need a more efficient tool for organizing measurements, deploying systems, and recording results. TestStand is test executive software that accelerates development and deployment for engineers in validation and production. It can call LabVIEW code for individual test steps and controlling instruments.

LabVIEW+ Suite

Consider purchasing TestStand through the LabVIEW+ Suite, a collection of NI’s most popular products for test. Get LabVIEW, TestStand, and more software at a bundled price.



You can purchase TestStand as a stand-alone subscription.