What Are PXI Digital Pattern Instruments?

PXI Digital Pattern Instruments deliver ATE-class digital to the industry-standard PXI platform. They are designed for testing a broad range of RF and mixed-signal ICs from RF front ends and power management ICs to transceivers and Internet of Things systems on chip with built-in connectivity and sensors.

Digital Pattern Editor

The Digital Pattern Editor is an interactive tool for importing, editing, or creating test patterns. The software integrates editing sheets for device pin maps, specifications, and patterns to develop or edit imported digital test vectors and patterns.

Tools to Debug Digital Test Patterns

The Digital Pattern Editor includes tools like Schmoo plots to provide a deeper understanding of device-under-test (DUT) performance across variation. The editor also offers debugging tools such as overlaying pattern failures on a pattern or using digital scope for an analog view of the pin data.

Programmatic Pattern Bursting

The NI-Digital Pattern Driver in LabVIEW, C, or .NET development tools offers the ability to develop test code to interact with PXI Digital Pattern Instruments.

TestStand Semiconductor Module

The TestStand Semiconductor Module works in conjunction with the Digital Pattern Editor and NI-Digital Pattern Driver with native pin map support and multisite, DUT-centric programming of Semiconductor Test Systems (STSs).

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