How Do I Use LabWindows™/CVI™ to Optimize My Production Test Systems?

LabWindows/CVI is an ANSI C development environment that reduces your application’s test throughput time with performance-enhancing features for running multithreaded processes, analyzing code speeds, and storing information effectively.

See What You Can Do With LabWindows/CVI

With LabWindows/CVI, you can optimize your test programs by leveraging its multithread processing capabilities to best allocate resources for parallel tasks. In addition, the built-in Execution Profiler Toolkit provides code performance insights so you can build more efficient applications. LabWindows/CVI also uses the Technical Data Management Solution (TDMS) file format so you can more efficiently store and manage your test data to reduce the risk of misplacing test information.


Perform Multithreaded Processing to Run More Tests in Parallel

LabWindows/CVI enables the creation of higher performing applications by running multiple operations in parallel, prioritizing your most critical tasks, and fully using your machines multicore processor. With built-in examples, LabWindows/CVI helps getting started.

Store Data With the TDMS File Format to Save Data Analysis Time

LabWindows/CVI can natively access the TDMS file format to store and organize data with descriptive information from all measurements. Data is stored in the most efficient, traceable and scalable fashion to eliminate duplicate testing from data loss.

Increase Test Throughput With the Profiler Toolkit

LabWindows/CVI uses the built-in Execution Profiler Toolkit to acquire application execution data and displays the timing information of all functions in a graphical viewer for maximum insights. You can then conduct in-depth performance analyses for debugging and execution speed optimization.