What Is LabWindows™/CVI?

LabWindows/CVI is an ANSI C software development environment with a comprehensive set of programming tools for creating test and measurement applications.

Explore LabWindows/CVI Features

The LabWindows/CVI ANSI C integrated programming environment helps you create custom engineering applications. You can use it to manage your project, edit and debug source code, build a user interface, and test code output and performance in one streamlined, tabbed workspace. LabWindows/CVI includes tools for advanced debugging, code documentation, and system deployment so you can integrate source code control, requirements, and data management systems. The software also makes it easier to quickly acquire data from GPIB, USB, serial, Ethernet, PXI, VXI, and FPGA instruments using the built-in instrument I/O libraries, built-in instrument drivers, or the two interactive measurement assistants.

What Can I Do With LabWindows/CVI?

LabWindows/CVI provides an all in one work environment for ANSI C development to create test and measurement applications. Learn more about how LabWindows/CVI can be used in common applications below.

Develop Tests for Production ATE Systems

With LabWindows/CVI, you can create and deploy test applications by controlling virtually all your hardware and designing custom user interfaces to improve your development time.

Optimize Your Test Code for Creating Production ATE Systems

Using LabWindows/CVI, create higher performing test applications by taking advantage of built-in performance analysis tools, parallel execution options and a comprehensive data storage system to optimize your code and your manufacturing test throughput.

Set Up Tests to Characterize Electronic Devices

With LabWindows/CVI, you can automate the validation of your devices to meet challenging time-to-market and performance requirements. Create flexible applications by taking advantage of seamless hardware integration, custom UI creation and in-depth hardware analysis libraries.

Debug Code for Characterizing Electronic Devices

Working with LabWindows/CVI, you can take advantage of the intuitive debugging tools, for single and multi-process tasks, to make refining your test and measurement applications easier and minimizes downtime due to broken code.

Subscription Benefits

Included Services

Every purchase includes access to features that help you be successful with your software:

  • Technical support from degreed engineers
  • Automatic version updates 
  • 24/7 access to selected online training and virtual demonstrations
  • Access to historical versions in case you need to share code with your team


Which LabWindows/CVI Edition Is Right for My Project?

LabWindows/CVI Base

  • Recommended for desktop and real-time measurement applications
  • Includes device drivers for NI hardware and third-party instruments
  • Includes basic mathematics, signal processing, and debugging tools

LabWindows/CVI Full

  • Recommended for inline advanced mathematics, signal generation and signal processing
  • Includes an OpenMP library and memory leak detection for test optimization
  • Includes SQL tools for database connectivity


Not Sure Which License Type Is Right for You?

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Need to Automate Your Test Sequencing?

LabWindows/CVI provides a complete ANSI C development environment for creating test and application code. NI recommends using TestStand with LabWindows/CVI to build, deploy, and manage your application code for automated test systems in less time.


TestStand Feature Highlights:

• Customize and automate your tests with code modules written in any language

• Quickly report test results with native report generation and database connectivity

• Efficiently replicate and maintain test systems with the TestStand Deployment Utility and debugging tools

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