What Is a PXI Programmable Power Supply?

A PXI Programmable Power Supply provides single-point or dynamic DC voltage and current to a device under test (DUT) with high-accuracy measurements and a compact form factor optimized for design validation, characterization, and production test.

Source and Measure Faster

You can power your device under test with up to 300 W of DC power, all while taking current and voltage measurements up to 1.8 MS/s to capture the dynamic signal performance. Additionally, high-speed data converters can offer update rates up to 100 kS/s for creating dynamic sequences.

Increase Measurement Accuracy

You can use multiple measurement ranges in certain PXI power supplies for both voltage and current to enhance measurement accuracy and reduce quantization noise. With this feature, you can achieve higher accuracy for both large and small signals, surpassing what you could do with one range.

Change Voltage Levels Faster

You can choose power supplies that come with a down-programmer circuit, offering you a time-saving feature within the hardware architecture. These instruments respond to a decrease in the voltage level faster, often within the range of hundreds of milliseconds—or even quicker.

Tune the Transient Response

You can use SourceAdapt technology to optimize system stability and minimize transient response times for a given load with your PXI Programmable Power Supply. With SourceAdapt, you can test faster without potentially damaging your device.

Use Remote Sense

You can use high-impedance sense lines to measure your DUT’s voltage and compensate for voltage drop between your DUT and the electronic load. Furthermore, you can programmatically isolate the instrument from your DUT using the built-in output disconnect feature.

An engineer shows how to use interactive InstrumentStudio software to take voltage and current measurements.

Control Interactively

You receive programmable PXI power supplies with InstrumentStudio™ software, providing interactive soft front panels for your convenience. The same panel also works with PXI Electronic Load Modules and SMUs. You can simultaneously monitor and debug the instrument while running your code.

Recommendations for First-Time Users

PXI Programmable Power Supply Bundle

PXI Programmable Power Supply Bundle

The PXI Programmable Power Supply Bundle is a preconfigured set of one of NI’s most popular, high-quality PXI power supplies and a Thunderbolt™-controlled chassis so that you can get started with ease.

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